Anatomy for the FRCA

Alasdair Taylor and James Bowness


This important new book provides a comprehensive, exam orientated clinical anatomy book for anaesthetists preparing for all parts of the FRCA exam. This is the first anatomy book specifically orientated for the FRCA exam, making it an essential resource for anaesthetists preparing for all parts of the FRCA examination.

It covers all body regions, relating underlying anatomy to practical procedures and anatomical principles, spanning the breadth of the curriculum and comprising exam-style questions:

  • SAQ questions
  • OSCE stations
  • SOE questions
  • MCQs

The text is highly illustrated in full colour with ultrasound images, diagrams and photographs of cadaveric material and models.


  • An engaging, accurate and accessible approach to anatomical revision…We highly recommend this for those studying for the FRCA or wanting to brush up on the foundational knowledge or regional anaesthesia. RA-UK
  • Clear, easily reproducible diagrams with concise, clear notes to aid your anatomy revision.
  • A wealth of useful information for junior (and even some senior) anaesthetists to aid the learning of crucial anatomy underpinning anaesthetic practice. BJA